Hippo Chow Down
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Hippo Chow Down

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Gear up and get ready for an adventure as you dive into the world of Hungry Hippos! In this 4-player extravaganza, each contestant eagerly races to the central pond of balls, retrieving as many as possible before rushing back to deposit them into their trusty mesh bag. With a ravenous appetite, the objective is to chow down on every single ball! Once the feeding frenzy concludes, the player with the most balls in their bag claims the title of winner. Hippo Chow Down is an absolute must-have for school and church fairs, carnivals, and corporate events. Brace yourself for a joy-filled experience that will have everyone laughing, bonding, and creating cherished memories. Unleash the hippos and let the feeding frenzy begin!

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Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

30'D x 6'H

Space Needed:

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